Innovations in Carnatic Music 

Carnatic music is considered one of the oldest systems of music in the world. Inspired artists such as the trinity Thyagaraja, Syama Shastry and Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Purandara Dasa codified the system and gave it a clear format as a medium of teaching, performing, prayer and therapy. Down the years erudite musicians have brought in innovations keeping in mind the changing audience profiles, yet ensuring the core essence of Carnatic music is intact. Esteemed Carnatic vocalist and composer Sudha Ragunathan addresses this changing landscape, and how traditionalists are innovating with the times.

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 11:00 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference


  • Sudha Raguanthan

    Sudha Raguanthan Musician / India

    As a prominent vocalist in the carnatic musical tradition, Sudha Ragunathan’s voice enthralls listeners from around the world. Among the first in her generation to receive many prestigious awards including the Padmabhushan and the Sangita Kalanidhi, her mastery over vocal techniques and complicated styles makes her one of the most sought after artists.