Live Music Venues: What Lies Ahead

Commercially driven urban happening nights spots, community hubs, or art driven black box spaces - venues are the heart of the arts, giving the space for artists and audiences to come together. This session brings together venues with different programming perspectives to share their views on what drives them to create such spaces, and beyond the entertainment business what they foresee as the future for live music performance venues in an era of experiential festivals.

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 10:30 / Venue: Sansara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference


  • Jean-François Cadet

    Jean-François Cadet Bisik / Reunion Island

    Jeff Cadet is ACTER (Acting for Culture and Tourism in the East of Reunion island) Manager. He created and is managing the BISIK, the First Actual Music Venue in Saint-Benoit, Capital of The East of the Island. Our program is eclectic, favoring Indian Oceanic projects. We are also assisting artists to produce, and also booking for several artists from both Reunion and Mauritius Islands.

  • Deepraj Guliani

    Deepraj Guliani The Slate Hotels / INDIA

  • Nikhil Warrier

    Nikhil Warrier antiSOCIAL / India

    A passionate scene boy with 6 years of experience creating, developing and executing event and community marketing strategies for brands. Social blends the best of the office and the café. Social is the land of the free(lancer) and home of creative souls looking for an exhilarating alternative to a typical work day. In Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, Social is a path-breaking urban hangout that’s designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected; a place where networking can happen even if the net’s not working (don’t worry, the net’s always working). Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists, designers, and innovators. It’s where entrepreneurs meet photographers, writers meet web developers, creative independents meet to bounce ideas off like-minded peers.

  • Siddharth Lulla

    Siddharth Lulla Swift Visionhire / India

    Siddharth Lulla is the COO of Swift Visionhire Entertainments Pvt. - an organization that covers various aspects of A/V (installs, rental, and distribution), designs soundscapes for public spaces, provides legal music content and has been in the industry for the past 18 years.