Making Waves In The Indian Ocean

Industry networks, partnerships between festivals, and music markets in the Indian Ocean/Asia region are putting a spotlight on the region’s artists and culture. Panelists from three Indian Ocean countries speak about their platforms and efforts for creating worldwide opportunities for artists and industry.

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 11:30 / Venue: Surya, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference


  • Sonya Mazumdar

    Sonya Mazumdar EarthSync, IndiEarth XChange / India

    Sonya Mazumdar is the Founder/CEO of EarthSync, a music production house, award-winning documentary film producer, and a global, cross-cultural artistic collaborator. EarthSync's initiative IndiEarth Project was created to build a multi-country collective of professional, cultural, educational and economic collaborations for the development of the independent music, film and media industry infrastructure in India. IndiEarth XChange is the annual trade event in India for independent music, film and media with a focus on networking India, Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean region. Avid traveler and writer, Sonya has over 20 years experience in project management and social responsibility in the infrastructure and content industries in India, West Africa and Asia.

  • Mouna Haguma

    Mouna Haguma IOMMA / Reunion Island

    The Indian Ocean Music MArket consolidated its position as the first platform of the music industry in the Indian Ocean. This market encourages exchanges, meetings and opportunities between Indian Ocean artists and professionals while building a bridge to the players in the music industry from Europe, Australia, America and Asia The aim of this 7th edition is to continue its mission to support the professionalization of the music industry in the Indian Ocean and networking of players in the music industry worldwide through an extensive program of professional meetings.

  • Edy Utama

    Edy Utama PIOMFest / Indonesia

    Edy Utama is a cultural worker, especially organizing a festival event. Before becoming an artistic director at Padang Indian Ocesan Music Festival (PIOMFest-2017), Edy Utama ( 2010-2016) was the Artistic Director of Sawahlunto International Music Festival (SIMFes). PIOMFest, among others, is intended to establish cultural cooperation in the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas through music festivals. Edy Utama also leads a musical group Talago Buni, which has appeared in various world music festivals. Padang Indian Music Festival (PIOMFest), is a world music festival held in the city of Padang located on the West Coast of Sumatra, and face to face with Indian Ocean. Padang City, is one of the cities that ever held a meeting of countries incorporated in the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). PIOMFest, supported by Padang City Government and various other institutions in Indonesia.