Where The Elephant Sleeps (India)

Director: Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky

01:00:39 Hour / English / Documentary, Feature, Wildlife & Conservation / Colour / 2016

Illustrated Sanskrit books from the Maharaja era replace English medicine in the struggle to save elephants in Elephant Village. Numerous fever daemons plague these elephants. Can the healer battle them successfully with the Ayurvedic medicine? The film director finds herself thrown into her own film when an elephant named Sita succumbs to her infected wound. With a telephone in one hand and a camera in the other, she finds a doctor banned by the elephant owners, and struggle for Sita's euthanasia. Dozens of federal and Rajasthani officials descend on the usually quiet Elephant Village, and congregate around the festering elephant, who, in record time, despite the obstacles, becomes the first official euthanasia in Rajasthan, perhaps India`s history.

Date: 25th Nov / Venue: The Screening Room / Event Type: Film Screening / Screening Time: 12:15