Songjang Bul Le (Burying Beetle)

Psychedelic / Experimental

Songjang Bul Le is is an insect that feed on corpses. Korean band Songjang Bul Le is influenced by 60's psychedelia, and perform gloomy, dreamlike music with modern sensibilities. They recreate the music of great musicians from past generations, adding their own unique interpretations and emotions - building on the idea that without the inheritance from the past, there is no present. "The past is present, the present is future". Like a Burying Beetle, they will feed on the past and create the future. The band features JEONG BYEONG SUN on Vocals, LEE YOUNG HWA on Bass, PARK CHAN HONG on Drums, and LEE JOUNG MI on the Synthesizer.


Date: Saturday, 25th Nov / Venue: IndiEarth Stage, The Park / Event Type: Music Showcase / Time: 20:00