Apache Indian

Reggae / Ragga / Dub  

Steven Kapur, also known as Apache Indian, is best known for his distinct reggae style which combines elements of Jamaican, Indian, and English music. He was born on May 11, 1967, in Handsworth, Birmingham, to a family of Indian origins. By the mid 1980’s, Apache Indian began to make a name for himself as a DJ, with his first single, “Move Over India”, released in 1990. After his song was positively received, he continued to make music which combined ragga and bhangra, releasing “Chok There” and “Don Raja”. From there, he only continued to rise in popularity as he signed with Island Recordings in 1992. In 1993, he released his first album No Reservations. By 1997, he left Island Recordings after releasing his album Make Way for the Indian, and signed with Warner Bros. Sweden, where he released Real People, the album which really showcased his ability to incorporate his Indian roots with his music. As of 2000, he has signed with Sunset Entertainment, where he has collaborated with hit producers Jim Beanz and Charlie Hype. In addition to working with artists ranging from Boy George to Asha Bhosle, Apache Indian is also known as one of the earliest UK artists of Asian origin to have a significant impact on the UK charts. Despite all of these accomplishments, he has not forgotten his community. In 2013, he opened the Apache Indian Music Academy at South and City College, in his hometown of Handsworth. Because of his global impact on the music industry, he has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from the UK Asian Music Awards in 2011, the Brit Asia TV network in 2013 and 2014, and the Black Country Asian Business Association in 2015.


Date: Saturday, 25th Nov / Venue: Samara, The Park / Event Type: Music Showcase / Time: 23:20