Steak is a trio formed by Paul Cadier (saxophone, vocals) Flavien Legland (double bass, vocals) and Axel Gaudron (drums, trumpet, vocals). After meeting in 2011 at Jazz A Tours, a music school in Tours, France, they decided to reunite to showcase a personal acoustic repertoire heavily influenced by the music of Ornate Coleman, Keith Jarrett, and the 60’s free jazz scene. After two years of playing a strictly instrumental repertoire, the trio started to include singing as a primary component of their compositions, bringing a pop folk touch to their music, often choral like. The new repertoire is influenced by bands like the Beach Boys, Daniel Johnston, the Fleet Foxes and the Beatles. The trio has been performing together for three years with their first album released in 2015 on Capsul Records, and a new record expected for 2017. The band is also part of the Capsul Collectif. 

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Date: Friday, 24th Nov / Venue: Samara, The Park / Event Type: Music Showcase / Time: 21:10