Brand Identity: Harnessing The Power Of Sound

Do we use our sense of listening to the fullest? Unlike the other senses, our ears are always ‘on’, and while hearing is a passive activity, listening isn’t. Sunoh is an organization that attempts to help brands really listen and identify themselves with their own unique sound. This session will take participants through a guided set of activities designed to showcase the power of sound, and demonstrate how to harness it for your own brand - thereby creating vivid experiences and a strong sound identity.

Date: Sunday, 26th November 2017 / Time: 12:30 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Sound Workshop


  • Viveick Rajagopalan

    Viveick Rajagopalan Sunoh / India

    Eclectic is the word that sums up Viveick. A fierce faith in his craft, a purist’s zeal and yet a natural flair for collaboration make him a music polymath. Producer, composer, percussionist, sound expert he continues to evolve and grow. Having started on the Mridangam since the precocious age of 9 he has gone on to blend the world of tech with the art of music. Having performed and collaborated at prestigious world music festivals - Le Suds a Arles, Shambala, Punkt, Oslo World Festival, and many awards and projects later, it’s tough to challenge his understanding of the power of sound and music.

  • Aishwarya Natarajan

    Aishwarya Natarajan Sunoh / India

    A recipient of the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur award in 2010 for Indianuance an artist management and consulting firm, Aishwarya has a flair for curation and talent management having consulted and evangelised established brands like Sony Music and TEDx. She has led sonic development for brands like ITC hotels and produced several international collaborative projects, including a master collaboration between Dame Evelyn Glennie and Trilok Gurtu, and creating new platforms for artists. Having been on both sides of the music industry, including working at The India Today group and HMV, and trained in Carnatic classical music for 22 years, she brings her deep understanding to build music based solutions for brands.