Constructing Narratives Through Sound Design: Use of Dolby Technologies

Sound is half the picture. Sound has always been an essential storytelling tool for content creators and a vital part of the viewer’s experience. Sound, music and dialogue are powerful tools to take a viewer into the psyche of a character. They can give the audience a greater sense of immersion, and serve as a recurring element in the story.

Planning the sound design right from day one of script-writing or conceptualizing means you can lend each environment a greater sense of identity, more meticulously plan shots and overall make sound an active player in the development of the narrative.

Join Bhaskar Pal, Content Services Engineer from Dolby Laboratories as he sheds light on the intricacies of sound design and the role it plays in film, broadcast and in other content services.

Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017 / Time: 17:00 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Film Workshop


  • Bhaskar Pal

    Bhaskar Pal Dolby Technologies India

    Bhaskar Pal is a graduate of the Film and Television Institute of Pune, India, having specialized in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering. He has worked as a freelance recording engineer for films and television. His experience spans more than 17 years in the film and television industry in various capacities as location sound engineer, audio-post supervisor, sound-designer, studio acoustic designer and in system-design. He joined Dolby in the year 2000 as a sound consultant - as a Dolby consultant and engineer he has many years of experience in film-post, cinema and studio installations, acoustic design, broadcast mixing and supporting the content creation community in surround sound production. Currently his role as a Content Services Engineer sees him supporting surround sound production and design, and imparting training to technical staff involved in content creation as well as exhibition.