Creative Storytelling: Innovations In The World of VR

Virtual Reality is an innovative new canvas for creative storytelling and interactive experiences. Currently working on A.R. Rahman's directorial debut and cinematic VR experience "Le Musk", Virtual Reality Technologist Sreerag Raghavan shares with participants his pathbreaking journey into what goes on into creating cutting edge VR experiences, elaborating on the various types of VR experiences currently available and the technological advancements in recent times that have made this medium a possibility. He also shares his experience of how engineering, code and high school mathematics is helping him bridge the gap between concept and product.

Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017 / Time: 15:00 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Film Workshop


  • Sreerag Raghavan

    Sreerag Raghavan VR Technologist / India

    Born and raised in Dubai, Sreerag Raghavan has always been interested telling stories and making music, while having a parallel flair for technology. Being self taught in the realm of visual media, he immersed himself in photography, making videos, graphic design, 3D animation and visual effects while pursuing an engineering degree in Computer Science from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. A meeting with music maestro A.R. Rahman led to his current designation - working as a VR Technologist for "Le Musk", a cinematic VR experience directed by A.R. Rahman under his production banner YM Movies.