Ideas & Tools For Bands Using Ableton Live

In this workshop, musician/producer Yoav Rosenthal will discuss various performance methods of Ableton Live, giving bands / live acts useful ideas and practical techniques on how to upgrade their live shows / live sets using Ableton Live. 

Learn how to prepare your Ableton Live set onstage setup and how to structure your songs specifically for live shows, and get key insider tips and tricks on how to integrate creative ideas when working on your live band’s performance.

Date: Saturday, 25th November 2017 / Time: 12:30 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Workshop


  • Yoav Rosenthal

    Yoav Rosenthal Earthsync India

    Yoav Rosenthal is a musician and music producer who has played and toured around the world with various acts and bands. His second love, the digital world led him to head the technical team of ‘LiveDNS’ – a leading company in Internet solutions, web application and information architecture. In 2011 Yoav decided to combine both his passions - Music and Technology - to join EarthSync. Starting out as the development manager of the IndiEarth project, his touring musician experience contributed vastly to the project. Apart from being a project development manager for many EarthSync projects, Yoav is also an integral part of EarthMoments – a boutique samples project that creates tools and virtual instruments for musicians and music producers.