Ableton Live 10 & Beyond: A Master Class With Mr Bill

Mr. Bill's eagerness to share his massive library of technical know-how with his Hardcore Abletoneers has made him just as known for studio work as he is for his high-energy live performances. His workshop covers the advances made by the newly announced Ableton Live 10, breaking down his intricate project files for his collaboration with deadmau5, and demonstrating how he handles his live sets. This will be a fascinating look at how a cutting-edge audio wizard is incorporating the latest hardware, software, and technical know-how into his studio and stage work.

Date: Sunday, 26th November 2017 / Time: Part 1: 12:00 Part 2: 14:30 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Workshop


  • Mr Bill

    Mr Bill

    Bill Day aka Mr. Bill has been a leader in the audio production world for years, producing dazzlingly intricate originals, remixes, and collaborations with other pioneers of the industry.